//Bloopers – sed non ante ultimum

Bloopers – sed non ante ultimum

Bloopers happen to the best of us and by the best, of course, I mean us! Kidding!
Well, bloopers do happen to us, in fact, they happen all the time. But, we’re humble in our errors, it’s just that our web editor loves laughing at with us, so you get to join in the laughter and sometimes even the tears.  Yes, because you have to know that all that spilled milk or whatever it happens to be, goes to the garbage, or maybe the cats… cats like spilled milk…we just don’t happen to have any of them. Cats, that is.


So if you happen to have any bloopers that you’d like to share with us, PLEASE DO!!! We love them as much as you do!  And, sometimes it’s just nice to have a shoulder to cry on and we too feel your sorrow.

Oh, by the way, sed non ante ultimum, means first but not last…at least according to google translate… because we’re pretty sure this will be a solid monthly article.

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