//Bloopers – September

Bloopers – September

This month’s blooper comes to you from the “We just had to take a picture of Duane looking like he does” file.

Somehow Debbie always looks fabulous, Duane tries to imitate her, and it just comes out all…Duane.  There’s just no other way to say it.

On the plus side, the flowers were gorgeous this year, the farm had bumper crops and a ton of food made for a ton of happy visitors and shoppers alike.  Getting all dressed up like this to sort berries, make delicious food or just trying to look cool and fit in with the bikers is some of the daily antics at the farm.

Deb and Duane had a blast this summer and if you made it out there, our deepest gratitude and we hope you had fun too!  If you didn’t make it out, plan on it for next year because we’ve got some amazing plans to keep you and yours well entertained!

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