//Contests for July 2017!

Contests for July 2017!

Just so you know, we’ve been listening to you!

And you’ve all said that you’d LOVE some free food!

Who doesn’t?!? ESPECIALLY when it’s this yummy delicious!

By the way, if you have some ideas for contests, we’d love to hear from you!

Submit your contest ideas to Brad@Pearsonsberryfarm.ca

Ok, on to the good stuff!

We have developed a monthly contest where you can win $75.00 of our Delicious food, you get to choose!  And if you can not get to one of our locations, you can choose your products at our online store.

So this month you have not only one but TWO!!! TWO ways to enter the monthly contest! – – Sorry, that’s my TV voice.

1. Enter on your mobile Phone

Text “Pie” (No quotes ” “, do not use “s around pie, this -> ” <- don’t use that.) to 587-800-0174 and you will be entered into our draw to win!

2. Enter through our web site.

Click here to enter our monthly contest from the web site

You also get entered into our Location Near You notification and we’ll let you know where we are so that if you’ve won, you know where to get it!  And, if you didn’t win, that is very sad, so come pick up and pie and maybe some ice cream from somewhere in the market and it’ll make you feel all better.

By the way, there are a bunch of berries (Get it? a bunch. Like a bunch of bananas, but they’re berries!  ok, fine.) Ok, they may be a bunch of friends, but they’re not all berries, technically. Some are cherries, some are saskatoons…but they all get along, and more importantly, they ALL qualify for the contest!

You’ll recognize them when you see them so SELFIE UP!

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