//Contests for December 2017!

Contests for December 2017!

Wow!!!  We are having so much fun with our contests, it’s crazy!!

If you haven’t been a part of them yet, please get involved!  It’s been super fun!

We have the monthly contests:

1. Enter on your mobile Phone

Text “Pie” (No quotes ” “, just…   Pie   …) to 587-800-0174 and you will be entered into our draw to win!

2. Enter through our website.

Click here to enter our monthly contest from the website

You also get entered into our Location Near You notification and we’ll let you know where we are so that if you’ve won, you know where to get it!

We have weekly contests: 

Every week a new winner is drawn from entering the contests at the markets.  If you’ve been down to the market and you haven’t entered the draw, either look in your bag for the card with the information on it, or better yet, come back down to the market and ask us about how to enter!

Every week TWO new winners are drawn from entering the contests on Facebook.  If you Like and Follow us on Facebook, you’ll notice all the contests going on. We have special ones coming up for the “10” days of Christmas, so make sure you’re following Pearson’s Berry Farm!

Have some great ideas?  Submit your contest ideas to Brad@Pearsonsberryfarm.ca

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