//Flavour of the Month 2017/06

Flavour of the Month 2017/06

June’s Flavour of the month is….. (drum roll please!)

Lemon Saskatoon Muffins!!!!

Why? Because they’re delicious! Their tart.  They’re summerish.  They’re perfect for a breakfast wake me up.

They’re only available June 12th to 18th!

But, Where!?!?!?

We don’t know. It’s a surprise.

No, really it is.

You’re going to have to go check out your local market and ask them.

Or sign up for Location Near You and we can email or text you the details next time!

Oh and if you have a picture of one, email us at Brad@PearsonsBerryFarm.ca 

You could win food!

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