//New Insentives

New Insentives

All kinds of craziness going on now that “Summer” is in full swing!  Duane has been running around the country like a madman.  The bakery has been running double time.  And, mother nature is doing her thing to make the farm a beautiful place to visit.  Oh, not to mention all the work going on to get you a new website, a new look and feel and of course more connection with you!  Ok, so our fun at the farm may look like work at the farm from the outside, but we all love what we do so it’s actually been a lot of fun!

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback letting us know that our community is loving the flavour of the month, the contests and the Location Near You.  All of these new incentives have come from you and our readers letting us know what they love and what they want more of, so if you have any ideas make sure you’re sharing them with us on Facebook, Twitter or email.  We do answer all of your messages because we love getting them!

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