Gordo’s down home hickory smoked grilling sauce will compliment any meat dish that is served up. It is smooth and thick with taste that will tantalize your taste buds. Top off the meat just before removing it from the barbeque. If you add barbeque sauce before the meat is cooked, you could chance burning it. Use this sauce on hamburgers, steaks, chops, chicken and any wild meat.


For best barbequed burgers add a tablespoons of sauce to the meat and then after taking off barbeque brush the tops with Gordo’s Gourmet grilling sauce. Do the same for frying on stove.


For best barbequed steaks, grill toppings such as mushrooms, onions and peppers in separate pan. Heat up barbeque and grill steaks to your preference (rare, medium rare, medium or well done) and then add Gordo’s Gourmet Grilling Sauce on top near the end of cooking for super delicious steak every time.

Pork Chops

Everyone like something different? Well Gordo’s is the way to go. One can have Gordo’s Gourmet Grilling Sauce and another Teriyaki, Thai or Greek. Put them on the table and use them like ketchup. Everyone is happy.

Roast Beef

Barbeque a roast nice and slow on the rotisserie. Just before it is done, baste it with Gordo’s Grilling Sauce and cook on a lower heat for awhile longer. Be sure to watch for burning with sauces. What a wonderful taste. If your temperature is low enough, baste roast throughout cooking time to get that smokey flavour right through.

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