Peel your potatoes and cut into halves or chunks, whatever size you desire. Cook in microwave in a greased dish to slightly cook. Then place them on a greased baking sheet and baste with Gordo’s Greek Sauce. Put the potatoes under the broiler in oven, turning them once or twice until browned. You may want to add a bit more sauce after you remove them from the oven. Be sure to keep your eye on these delectable little morsels as they will burn quickly. Don’t put them to close to the broiler.

You may cook these only in the oven. Peel cut and place on a cookie sheet; baking in oven 300 degrees F. Baste potatoes periodically until done. For the last few minutes, place under broiler to brown.

Possible Menu:

Pepper Steak

Greek-Style potatoes

Broccoli medley

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