//Inventions of the Month for September

Inventions of the Month for September

The trees are burstings at the seams with CHERRIES!!!  I’d love to say, “Oh sweet, delicious cherries!” but these are even better than that!
“Why?”, you ask.  “How can that be???”  Well, these cherries are sour cherries.  And, my friend, they make for delicious pies, lemonade, muffins and so much more.  What we’re going to do with them, however, is a complete and total secret!  Insert sinister laugh….

“Why?”, again you ask.  We’ll mostly because we don’t know.  We know that the possibilities are virtually endless, however, our supply is not.  Therefore we need to figure out how to use them to satisfy you in the best and most fulfilling way.  HEY!   Maybe I should toss this over to the contest department?!?

In the meanwhile…if you like sour cherries and you have an idea of what you want us to do with them, give us a shout!  email contests @ Pearsons berry farm .ca or comment or message us on the Facebook page!  We’d love to hear from you!

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