• This unique sauce is not too sweet with a hint of ginger and not at all hot.  Perfect for stir-fries, wraps, rice dishes, used as a dipping sauce and as a salad dressing (mix in plain yogurt or sour cream). 355 ml bottle
  • Gordo’s Sauce – Greek

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Made from pure lemon juice concentrate and canola oil base with Greek seasoning, oregano and garlic.  Great on ribs, seafood, wings, potatoes, rice, souvlaki and as a salad dressing (thin with olive oil & vinegar). 355 ml bottle
  • Down home hickory smoked grilling sauce that will compliment any meat dish that is served up.  Perfect for barbequing and roasting. 355 ml bottle
  • Gordo’s Sauce – Red Pepper

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    We use nothing but the finest fresh spices and hot peppers from around the world. These are combined to give you a medium, hot sauce with a smoky buttery taste.  Perfect for wings, basting meats, hamburgers, wraps and casseroles. 355 ml bottle
  • This sauce is rather unique, not only because of its fresh oriental taste, but because of the thickness as well.  Perfect for stir-fries, meat, vegetables, oriental salads and noodles. 355 ml bottle
  • A real flavor enhancer, this multipurpose seasoning salt will add a special taste to just about anything.  Perfect in soups, stews, casseroles and all meats. Can be used on fries, rice, pasta and veggies.
  • This unique dry mix can be used to spice up stews, chilli, pizza sauce, pasta dishes or what its intended for a perfect quick salsa (make it hot, med or mild).
  • Gordo’s steak spice is a great meat tenderizer and flavor enhancer. It’s all natural blend of coarse spices gives any meat a great peppercorn taste.  Use whenever a recipe calls for salt and pepper.