//Recipe July 2017

Recipe July 2017

Welcome to our new Recipe of the Month section!  Let me show you how easy this is!

Because this is our first month with our new incentive for you, they decided to keep the bar as low as possible so that you felt comfortable jumping over it.  I’m sure you could step over it. In fact, your average two-year-old could probably out cook me, but then that’s why I use Gordo sauce and spices on EVERYTHING!

As such! Our “winning” recipe for this month was Gordo’s Mediterranean Spice on Zucchini!!  YAY!!!  Good old staple in the kitchen, Zucchini, wins with flying colours.

No, zucchini don’t really fly so that wasn’t very punny.

Ok, you get the idea.

Beat me in the kitchen and you too could win for entering your recipe for the month!

Enter as often as you like with unique recipes (as in each one you enter is different.  And no cheating from your friend’s submissions…)

Use any and all of the Pearson’s Berry Farm delectables!

Email Brad@PearsonsBerryFarm.ca Subject Recipes!

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