//Recipe November 2017

Recipe November 2017

Sour Cherry Liqueur

Can you make healthy food with our Sour Cherry Juice? Of course! But today we’re going to help you prepare for having your family come over during the holidays! Yes, we’re planning for that now!

This incredibly easy recipe makes the most fabulous sipping liqueur that will go nicely with your healthy Sour Cherry Juice pie, gelato, sorbet or other delights!

6 liters of Pearson’s Sour Cherry Juice.

26 oz vodka

7 cups sugar.

Put all ingredients in a large plastic or glass container (not metal).  Sprinkle the sugar on top, mix it in with a wooden spoon while sprinkling.

Add the vodka, mix it all in.   Stir until the sugar is all dissolved.

Put a lid on, shake it up a bit, and sit it on your countertop or somewhere where you will see it every day.

Every day for 5-6 weeks give the pail a quick shake.  Don’t open it!  Patience people, patience!!

Store in mason jars.  Serve with carbonated water, over ice cream, or sip from a small glass.  Make sure you test it first, it can have a solid kick to it. 😉


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