//Recipe September 2017

Recipe September 2017

Apparently, everyone loves Gordo’s sauce! Well, at least our good A.L.F. friend.  Or is that our good friend, A.L.F.?  Either way, he went home with his favourite bottle of Greek Sause in hand…the rest were under wraps.

I’d love to give you a smoking good recipe here but for those of you who remember A.L.F’s favourite food (Rhymes with Hats), I will not digress and you’re just going to have to check out the Facebook page for new recipes.

DO send us your recipes though!  Especially the ones that you think other’s would love to try out!  Easy, unique or exquisite, we’ll take them all!

(Just not too exotic) 😉

Enter as often as you like with unique recipes (as in each one you enter is different.  And no cheating from your friend’s submissions…)

Use any and all of the Pearson’s Berry Farm delectables!

Email Brad@PearsonsBerryFarm.ca Subject Recipes!

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