The Thai sauce is wonderful in stir fry’s with any kind of domestic or wild meat, poultry, vegetable, pasta or rice. Cut the meat into cubes or strips and cook in frying pan or wok with water. When the meat is tender and cooked, remove from pan and set aside. Cut up a variety of vegetables, or if you are a bit rushed, purchase the prepackaged cut up stir-fry veggies. Otherwise, buy fresh and wash vegetable then place in wok with a little water. Steam them with lid on for about 3-4 minutes until the colours deepen. Don’t overcook; they should be crisp with somewhat of a bone in them. Drain excess water, add meat or poultry and pour Thai sauce over top. Toss vegetables and meat. Be generous with the sauce, or if you prefer a “hint” of flavour, use less. Mix and heat for an additional minute or two. To serve, pour stir-fry over rice, fettucine, linguine or spaghetti or your favourite pasta or rice. It will make for a wonderful presentation that anyone would be impressed with. The taste will be outstanding!! A personal favourite of our family.

Gordo’s Ginger Sesame Thai sauce is fantastic with fish, ribs and seafood. Cook with it or dip! Simply delicious!

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