Recipe: Black Currant Liquour

September 18, 2020

Recipe: Black Currant Liquour

This incredibly easy recipe makes the most fabulous sipping liqueur that will go nicely with your tarts, pie, gelato, sorbet or other delights!

6 liters of Pearson’s Berry Farm Black Currant Lemonade Syrup
26 oz vodka
7 cups sugar

Put all ingredients in a large plastic or glass container (not metal). Sprinkle the sugar on top. Mix it in with a wooden spoon while sprinkling.

Add the vodka, mix it all in. Stir until the sugar is all dissolved.

Put a lid on, shake it up a bit, and sit it on your counter-top.

Every day for 5-6 weeks give the pail a quick shake. Don’t open it! 

Store in mason jars. Serve with carbonated water, over ice cream, or sip from a small glass.  Make sure you test it first, it can have a solid kick to it. 


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