//Recipe December 2017

Recipe December 2017

Sour Cherry “Champ-agne”

Certainly Not the French variety.

By now you should be jumping at the bit to try your Sour Cherry Liquor from last month!  Hold out though, it’ll be ready for Christmas!

Of course, you’ll want something a little more kid friendly for Christmas!

Here we have the Sour Cherry “Champ-agne”  it’s super pretty and fun for toasting your guests of all ages and preferences.

Take an ounce of Pearson’s Sour Cherry Juice and add 7 ounces of carbonated water or tonic water and place it in a champagne flute.

It looks pretty, tastes punchy and gives everyone a feeling of bubbles!

Feel free to garnish with a sour cherry in the bottom of the glass for fun, or to differentiate the ones without alcohol. 😉


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  1. Valerie Lowey December 24, 2017 at 6:58 am

    Just served your Saskatoon pie this evening to some guests.( purchased at Market Mall Calgary. Absolutely the best Saskatoon pie we have ever eaten. Crust and filling were wonderful. Well done on a GREAT pie.

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