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Pearson’s Berry Farm is a gather place for delicious food and great people!
When we get together it always feels like family and we want you to feel like part of our family too!
We love to share and bring you all the goodness that we love to create,
and we hope that you too will share and contribute!
We have booths, contests, Facebook groups, and more!

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Schedule of Events

Schedule November 2017

We’re getting ready for the 10 days of Christmas!!!


We figured no one listens to the end of the 12 days of Christmas anyway… so we’re doing the 9 or 10 days of Christmas and it will be stupendous!

We’ll be in Calgary at Market Mall (Dec14-23), Chinook Mall(Dec15-23) and of course at Crossroads market((Dec15-24)!

We’ll be in Red Deer at Bower Place Mall (Dec14-23)!

For all the details for your calendar click here:

Be sure to check out our Facebook page!  We’ll be having tons of contests and a ton of fun!

Depending on how much energy Duane has, we may have surprise pop up locations, but we’re guessing you’ll have better luck finding Santa himself!

But, if you don’t want to miss out on anything, make sure you sign up for Location-Near-You to get texts or emails of Duane Pop-Up Locations. 🙂

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Fun at the Farm

History, Bakers, News,

and Silly Fun

Fun at the Farm-er’s Markets

This month’s fun at the farm has been WAY too much fun to even take pictures, but you do get a glimps of all the markets and shows!

Everybody’s been working their tails off and it’s been worth it!  Especially to all the people who’ve picked up their Christmas goodies!  We’ve been especially lucky to have so many of you participate in our Facebook contests!  Thank you!

Not only do we get to give away a ton (tonne?) of prizes, we get to meet a ton of people, and there are hundreds of people getting to know us!  We LOVE it!

If you haven’t had a chance to come by one of the Christmas markets yet, we have a lot popping up in Calgary and Red Deer, so please come by and say, “HI!”

We love it when you do!  And, if you get a chance to take some video of yourself sampling the goodies, we’d love

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Current Contests


Contests for December 2017!

Wow!!!  We are having so much fun with our contests, it’s crazy!!

If you haven’t been a part of them yet, please get involved!  It’s been super fun!

We have the monthly contests:

1. Enter on your mobile Phone

Text “Pie” (No quotes ” “, just…   Pie   …) to 587-800-0174 and you will be entered into our draw to win!

2. Enter through our website.

Click here to enter our monthly contest from the website

You also get entered into our Location Near You notification and we’ll let you know where we are so that if you’ve won, you know where to get it!

We have weekly contests: 

Every week a new winner is drawn from entering the contests at the markets.  If you’ve been down to the market and you haven’t entered the draw, either look in your bag for the card with the information on it,

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Invention of the Month

Sometimes the Experiments Work! And, We Share Them With You!

Inventions of the Month for December

FUNDRAISERS!!! Duane's been busy cooking things up, but this time it's in the office!  It's been a goal of his for a while now to help out the local communities in a way that gives back to the community.  What a better way to do that than through supporting local teams and nonprofits with their fundraising! We've been busy making sure that all of the pieces fit together and that it comes off spectacular, like everything else at Pearson's.  We've accomplished a lot!  We've made a separate website and shopping cart so that orders can be made online as well as offline. We've made handy dandy brochures that the kids (or adults) can show people, collect information for orders, and know what goes where on delivery day!  And, we've been knocking around ideas to see what would make it even better!  Although we are still taking ideas and we're open

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Recipe of the Month


Recipe December 2017

Sour Cherry “Champ-agne”

Certainly Not the French variety.

By now you should be jumping at the bit to try your Sour Cherry Liquor from last month!  Hold out though, it’ll be ready for Christmas!

Of course, you’ll want something a little more kid friendly for Christmas!

Here we have the Sour Cherry “Champ-agne”  it’s super pretty and fun for toasting your guests of all ages and preferences.

Take an ounce of Pearson’s Sour Cherry Juice and add 7 ounces of carbonated water or tonic water and place it in a champagne flute.

It looks pretty, tastes punchy and gives everyone a feeling of bubbles!


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Bloopers – December

We had a great time at The Crossroads Market doing some filming and photography.  At one point we were showcasing the syrups and Duane wanted to make sure that the Saskatoon Syrup was mentioned, only we didn’t have a bottle of it available, so brilliantly they found a saskatoon label and put it on the chokecherry syrup as a prop.  The only problem was that Duane was going off the cuff and read the bottle.

We’ll get you the video clip, it was great!

Check out the Facebook page and we might just have it posted there first.

Have a very Merry Christmas!  And remember to

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Flavour of the Month

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Alberta Grown Sour Cherry Juice

Pearson's Berry Farm now has Alberta Grown Sour Cherry Juice. And theses Cherries have great health benefits Rob Sproule defines Alberta Sour Cherries as the superfruit. Native Americans discovered sour cherries’ medicinal properties centuries ago and ate them to calm upset stomachs and relieve sore throats.  As we dig into the cherry’s chemistry, we’re finding that this is only the beginning of its extraordinary health benefits. The cherries are brimming with cancer-fighting Phytochemicals and Phenolic acids (antioxidants) as well as Anthocyanins, which reduce inflammation and inhibit tumour growth and development.  They’ve been proven to help relieve chronic pain, lower blood pressure, and improve blood flow. On top of that, sour cherries are one of the few naturally occurring foods to contain the sleep-aiding hormone melatonin, which enhances mood while promoting a relaxing sleep. Check out the rest of his article at HealthLine defines the following 10 Health Benefits of

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