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I’m Shopping Online
I’m Going to the Market

What’s the difference between
Market and Online?

Great question! We’re glad you asked!


Shopping Online

Shopping online is super convenient!

  • You can do it right now from the comfort of your home.
  • You can shop at any time, day or night
  • You can shop from anywhere in North America

The disadvantage is that not everything is available online.

  • Pies don’t ship well, so we don’t offer them
  • Ciders and Lemonade will freeze at certain temperatures So, they’re seasonal
  • And, of course, you don’t get to come meet us!


Going to Market

Coming to the market is super fun!

  • You get to meet us and sample goodies
  • We usually have a full variety of our products,
    Although we have occasionally sold out, some come early.
  • If there’s something special you want, let us know.
    We might be able to arrange it.

The disadvantage is that it’s not as convenient.

  • We’re not always in your location
    Although you can sign up for our Location-Near-You notifications
  • There are some cities that we just do not go to.
    Sorry, Paris, you’ll have to eat cake.

Start Shopping
Where can I shop?

Welcome to Pearson’s!

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The Bakery

Grandma Tested and Approved

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Gordo’s Sauces

Like Having a Chef in Your Kitchen 

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Just Add Water! …or Vodka 😉

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Syrups and Spreads With a Dash of Sweetness

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Grandma Tested and Approved

The bakery always has a wonderful array of baked goods!  There are over 8 different kinds of pie. Five different kinds of pie tarts. Seven different types of butter tarts, if you include the mixed package.  And, the wonderful Morning Glory muffins; a true crowd pleaser.  And, of course, we have pie pastry mini shells!  You can get them under the bakery tab under “shop” up above.

Like Having A Chef In Your Kitchen

Gordo’s Greek Sauce is a sauce like no other.  Gordo’s Gourmet Sauces and Spices started in a small town in Saskatchewan by Gord Hardgraves over 24 years ago and Pearson’s took over the company over 18 years ago.  Gord built his business on the Greek Sauce.  You can use it for marinating chicken, baby back ribs, souvlaki, salmon, shrimp kabobs, thin it down with a little olive oil and vinegar and use it on salad as a dressing, greek style potatoes, fry it with mushrooms, put a little bit in rice, or anything else you desire! Once you’re hooked you can try all our other flavours!  Check out the blog for more cooking ideas!

We get all sorts of initial reactions when we ask people to sample our sauces.

But, we get one RESOUNDING reaction when they taste them.      WOW!      These are sauces that you’re not scared to serve to your guests.  They’re versatile, plentiful, punchy and no matter what you put them on; it always tastes great!

Just Add Water! … or vodka 😉


Standard lemonade – Mix 7-1 parts concentrate with water

Spritzer/Sangria – Mix 9-1 parts concentrate with soda water

Slush/Margaritas – Mix 5-1 parts concentrate with water

Popsicles – Mix 3-1 parts concentrate with water


All of our Ciders are kid-friendly, meaning that there’s no alcohol in them.  Just fruit! Not to say that you couldn’t add some if you wanted to!

Friendly Hint;
Make Kid Friendly cider one colour flavour and make the “Adult Mix” another colour flavour.  That makes it easier for everyone to see the difference!

Spreadable Fruit With A Dash Of Sweetness

Syrup - Saskatoon

Our Syrups are whole taste and nothing but the taste! We’re packed with Berries! So pour me on!

I’m Delicious on Pancakes, Waffles, Muffins, Ice Cream, and so much more!

Spread - Saskatoon

Our Spreads are AMAZING! Softer than jam, less sugar than jam.
I’m Spreadable!

I’m Delicious on Sandwiches, Toast, Biscuits, Crepes, and so much more!

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